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All New! X-Lotion™

All New! X-Lotion™

X-Lotion™ is a revolutionary formula that is akin to the original X-Cream™, but now released as a smooth lotion that can absorb instantly through the skin and start working immediately. Simply apply X-Lotion™ one a day, and instantly watch your penis grow! The results are amazing!



This sleeve is designed to dramatically increase the effectiveness of X-Cream™ Penis Enlargement Cream by working in conjunction with it. It is strongly recommended to use the X-Gripper™ with the cream with each application.


Manhood X-Treme™

An all new powerful Male Enhancement Pill. After years of research and analysis of the current products on the market, we have finally formulated THE MOST POWERFUL MALE ENHANCEMENT FORMULA to address the rising issue of losing testosterone that most males face!


Elevate Supreme™

Elevate Supreme is a new Male Enhancement Pill that was created to address growing concerns in men and losing testosterone. This hormone has since become absolutely vital for healthy sexual activity.

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The primary purpose of using penis cream and penis lotion is to increase the overall girth and/or thickness of the head and shaft of your penis. Once you massage the cream into the skin of your penis, the ingredients pass through and come together to bring about growth and size increase.

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